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Accelerator Physics Seminars

Fall 2013 / Spring 2014

Date Name Talk
Oct 25 Atoosa Meseck, HZB The Fast Ion Instability
Nov 1 Jared Maxson Longitudinal Space Charge Dynamics
Nov 8 Jim Crittenden Observation of electron trapping in CESR-TA
Nov 15 Val Kostroun Shielding for the South Arc Upgrade
Nov 22 Mike Ehrlichman Crabbing at CESR-TA
Dec 6 Chris Mayes LCLS-II Beam Dynamics
Dec 13 Adam Bartnik Initial HOM measurements in the ERL/HTC cavity
Jan 17 Eric Smith Some of the Unusual Cryogenic Problems Addressed in the ERL Cryomodules
Jan 24 Werner Sun Compute Farm Capabilities
Jan 31 Zhi Zhao Compton Scattering at the ERL
Feb 7 Siddharth Karkare Photocathode Theory and Measurements
Feb 14 Dave Rice CESR Upgrade Plans
Feb 21 no seminar  
Feb 28 no seminar  
Mar 7 Valery Shemelin 1 and 2 point multipactoring in SRF cavities
Mar 14 no seminar  
Mar 21 Richard Talman The Chinese Higgs Factory
Mar 28 Steve Full Ion Effects in ERLs
Apr 4 no seminar  
Apr 11 Mingqi Ge Analysis of Q versus E curves for SRF cavities
Apr 18 Xianghong Liu Overview of the Fourth Workshop on the Operation of Large Vacuum systems (OLAV-IV)
Apr 25 Dan Gonnella New Methods to Reach High Q0 at Medium Field in SRF Cavities
May 2 Fumio Furuta Vertical Test Results from the ERL 7-cell cavities
May 9 Daniel (Tex) Hall Cornell ERL HTC HOM Measurements
May 16 David Sagan Coherent and Incoherent Ray Tracing with BMAD
May 23 Kiran Sonnad Mystery of the lead bunch blow up in CESR