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CLASSE NEWS | 6 Jul 2018

Summer Students Arrive at CLASSE

It"s summer again, and CLASSE has not only been welcoming the (occasional) warm and sunny days over the past three weeks, but its 2018 summer students as well.

<noautolink>REU 2018 Group CLASSE Cornell</noautolink>
CLASSE REU students arrive on the Cornell University campus.

The REU students arrived on the 4th of June and the SRCCS, SUnRiSE and visiting students from the University of Puerto Rico on the 11th, and CLASSE has been working hard to help them settle in.

These talented and motivated young people will be engaged in research covering a range of topics, from the atomic to the universal scale. Some will conduct research that will improve accelerators, or even contribute to developing new ones. Others will be developing or studying ways that can improve how accelerators are used, for example in industry or as tools for other research. Some will be engaged in research on X-rays, fuel-cells, photocathodes and even developing telescopes! These students will take their place in contributing valuable ideas to the ever continuing search for knowledge and technological development.

<noautolink>SRCCS 2018 Group CLASSE Cornell</noautolink>
CLASSE SRCCS & SUNRISE students arrive on the Cornell University campus.

One thing that all of them agree on is that they are all excited to be here! We asked them how they feel about their summer program and here's what some of them said:

<noautolink>Arianna G CLASSE REU crop</noautolink>
Arianna Giguere
"I am most looking forward to reflecting back at the end of this summer and surprising myself with how much I was able to learn in 10 weeks. I have already learned quite a bit in the first few days alone, and I am gladly embracing the difficult conceptual concepts I am faced with." - Arianna Giguere, REU

<noautolink>Chris Flynn SUNRISE CLASSE Cornell</noautolink>
Christopher Flynn
"I am looking forward to working with my advisor because he has a background in chemistry, I have not worked with a chemist before. I am hoping I will contribute to the work that not only my advisor, but also past REU students and past graduate students, have started." - Christopher Flynn, SUnRiSE

"By the end of the program, I expect to be able to fully understand the mechanisms and how the accelerator components work through testing. I expect that with the attained knowledge throughout the summer I can be another asset to the research team." - Enrique Garcia Alfonzo, UPR

<noautolink>Robert Cook SRCCS CLASSE Cornell.jpg</noautolink>
Robert Cook
"Accelerator physics is extremely important to society because of the understanding it gives us of the universe. Applications of the field may not be immediately obvious, but they don't have to be. Science for its own sake is an invaluable part of our society, and the more of it we do the more practical applications of our discoveries will show up as a consequence." - Robert Cook, SRCCS

In addition to these students, Cornell graduate, undergraduate and temporary student employees will be playing their part at making the research and activities that are taking place at CLASSE a success.

CLASSE is thrilled to have all of you here! We hope that you will have a rewarding summer ahead of you.